About GISinc

We are a GIS and location technology company dedicated to the success and happiness of our clients and our people. As an employee-owned small business, our passion has led us through over 25 years of consulting and solving problems for our clients.

Our Core Ideology

Create Insight Through Location Technology

Values We Share

  • Working Passionately and Inspiring Others
  • Candor and Openness
  • Respecting Others in our Pursuit for Excellence
  • Being Intellectually Relentless
  • Self-Initiative and Honoring Commitments

Philosophies We Believe

  • Decisions and actions made with honesty and integrity create trust and will build an enduring, lasting company
  • Challenging ourselves and others helps us learn, solve problems, and improve
  • Rewards come in many forms and are earned through individual and group contributions
  • Loving what we do and having fun at work allows us to be better contributors
  • An entrepreneurial spirit will keep us agile, relevant, and provide growth for us as owners and individuals
  • Service karma exists; by taking care of clients needs instead of our own, good things will happen

Our Envisioned Future

Be the Premier GIS Firm to Work for and With

We will change the way people see the world, not only in the work that we do, but in how we do it. We believe that when the right people with shared values and philosophies work together for the right reasons, something very special happens. All employee owners, clients, and partners will be personally invested and engaged in our shared work. This passion will ignite profound change as people experience the power of location technology to create clarity and connectedness, and will establish GISinc as the standard by which others are measured.