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Getting ESRI’s Default Vector Basemaps into the Basemap Gallery Widget

Published April 18, 2017 by Jeff Galang
Whether you agree with putting a basemap gallery widget into your web mapping application or not, it is one of the most common tasks web developers are asked to perform. At some point in developing spatial web applications you will likely be asked to[...]

Future of Lidar

Published April 4, 2017 by Jeff Galang
Written by Will Byrne Is Lidar a dying technology? Not necessarily. It’s evolving and our industry needs to find the right applications for the technology to optimize its current uses. Is it the best way to acquire elevation data? Not this po[...]

What’s in a Name?

Published March 28, 2017 by Kaitlyn Thomas
Written By Steve Mulberry What’s in a name? It turns out everything. Every couple of years Esri has a major release in its ArcGIS Platform, 2017 just happened to be that year. Well, technically ArcGIS 10.5 was released in mid-December of 2016, b[...]

2017 Esri Developer Summit – Day Four Recap

Published March 13, 2017 by Kaitlyn Thomas
Joel Brown On the last day of the dev summit the ESRI folks do a closing session over lunch where they recap the week.  I think my favorite stat was that we drank about 4x more coffee than we did water throughout the week.  I know I was slamming a[...]

From The Desk of Chris Blinn: Hillsborough County Mosquito Control

Published March 10, 2017 by Kaitlyn Thomas
In the early summer months of 2016, there was a steady stream of reports regarding the dangers from Zika.  Week by week we saw updates of trouble areas, who’s at risk, and what work was being done to create a vaccination.  Our fears quickly escal[...]

2017 Esri Developer Summit – Day Three Recap

Published March 10, 2017 by Kaitlyn Thomas
Heather Roberts Survey123 has come a long way since it was in Beta last year and they have incorporated a lot of the features we've all been asking for.  Survey123 is a form-centric data gathering web and mobile tool.  When you create a survey, [...]

2017 Esri Developer Summit – Day Two Recap

Published March 9, 2017 by Kaitlyn Thomas
Patrick Scanlon Today ESRI further clarified their strategy for scalable, distributed server-side architecture.  Mark Skinner from Nvidia spoke about how their CUDA-based hardware is helping all kinds of organizations run distributed processing.[...]

2017 Esri Developer Summit – Day One Recap

Published March 8, 2017 by Lori Page
Stephanie Lindley I was asked by one of our colleagues last night why I was here.... seemed like a reasonable question since I'm not a developer, or Enterprise Architect or Solutions Engineer. I honestly didn't have a proper answer queued up. I[...]

Getting Data up to Amazon Web Services

port ip restrictions
Published February 14, 2017 by Jeff Galang
Written by Chad Cooper So, you have yourself a shiny new Windows Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2) instance on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Chances are, you need to get some data up there, maybe a library of images, or PDFs you plan to serve up, or maybe [...]

Our Experiences Upgrading from TypeScript 1.8 to 2.1

Published February 7, 2017 by Jeff Galang
Written by Ryan Taylor We're now almost 12 months into rewriting our Navy client's Apache Flex web applications using TypeScript 1.8 with React and Redux. It's been an exhilarating time working with modern web development technologies, practices[...]