Esri Fed GIS Conference Takeaways

Esri Fed GIS Conference Takeaways

Esri Fed GIS Conference Takeaways

This year, we’re all about innovation here at GISinc. At this year’s Esri Federal GIS conference, we will be sharing a lot of what we’ve been working on over the last year…but there are a few key things we want you to walk away knowing. These are things we predict will be game-changers for anyone in Federal Government looking to GIS and location technology to achieve their mission goals.

GISinc Indoors

We’re reaching even further to integrate our technology into ubiquitous infrastructure…namely LED lighting. We have partnered with Acuity Brands to provide Indoors location technology and solutions with LED lighting investments.

Drones and GIS

As the use of UAS grows, so does the need to provide the capability to manage large volumes of data while ensuring that end users have the means to realize the full value of the data. We are working to architect a UAS content management and capability strategy that leverages the Esri platform.

Portal for ArcGIS

We have made strides in our Portal projects to create an integrated platform to support diverse business requirements, including integrating critical security capabilities such as CAC authentication.

Jumpstarts and Healthchecks

If you’re in a place where you’re not sure where to get started, we offer jumpstart and healthcheck packages to give you a starting point.

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