Carrie Green

Carrie Green

Carrie Green

Chief Financial Officer

As CFO of GISinc, Carrie focuses her efforts on the financial state of the company. She is responsible for financial reporting, cash management, budgeting and planning, stock valuations, and transactions. She provides oversight to our Contracts and IT support staff as well as handling the internal administration of the GISinc ESOP.

She attended the University of North Alabama where she earned a double Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting and Computer Information Systems. In addition, she earned her Masters of Accountancy from Samford University. In June 2009, she completed her Certified Public Accountant designation.

Prior to joining the GISinc team, Carrie worked with other federally contracted companies and also spent time in private sector. She brings knowledge of both federal and traditional financial accounting.

Tasty Tidbit: She is a 3rd Generation Accountant

"My grandmother entered the workforce in 1944 after completing her high school education and a 1 year training program. This was during World War II when many of the men fighting for our country were either dying in action or returning home injured. Her father was very forward-thinking and saw the need for more women in the workplace but he also wanted to encourage a profession that would allow her to support her family. She worked as a finance manager for various car dealerships until her untimely death in 1983.

My mother joined the accounting profession in 1978. Except for a short time as an educator, she has spent her entire career working with defense contractors. She is the one who provided much of my understanding of federal accounting and all my Excel knowledge. She still works in this industry today.

These two amazing women are who inspired me to select accounting as my career path. They also demonstrated the strength of women in the workplace throughout history. I consider it an honor to follow in their footsteps and can only hope that I can make them proud. Hopefully, the tradition will continue."