Judy Reagan

Judy Reagan

Judy Reagan

Chief Operating Officer

As our Chief Operating Officer, Judy's efforts center on people and processes, with the ultimate goal of making GISinc the premier company to work for and with. On the Service side, Judy focuses on operational effectiveness and best practices across our business units; on the Culture side, it is all about growing our people and making GISinc that great place to work.

Judy holds a B.S. in Agriculture from Tennessee Technological University and a M.S. from North Carolina State University. She began working with GIS in the days of the mainframe. Although her career began in the environmental and engineering fields, she created a GIS role to support environmental and agricultural efforts and has focused on GIS ever since.

Judy's history with us includes work as a Technical Architect, Federal Business Operations Manager and Service Delivery Manager. She has a distinguished history of support to the Army IGI&S Program, Army Sustainable Range Program, and the Navy's GeoReadiness Program, performing tasks such as requirements analysis, application and data solution design, and project management support for enterprise GIS implementation.

Judy is active in her community as board member with the Truth or Consequences Center for the Arts and a volunteer with the Main Street Group.

Tasty Tidbit: Judy is an avid equestrian. A donkey equestrian that is.

"The donkey is by far the most intelligent of all the equine species and it takes a different mindset to work with them. I have been riding horses my whole life and the first time I rode a donkey I just fell in love. These guys will stand and look at a situation and determine whether or not to run, let things pass, or fight. They have an incredible capacity for reasoning and are driven by self-preservation. What that means is that a casual rider is extremely safe and can have a nice weekend ride. But to really be a donkey person, that is something else entirely."