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GISinc Proud to Receive Esri’s Federal Small Business Specialty

Published March 10, 2016 by Colby Free
As some of you may know, our BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) at GISinc is to "Be the Premier GIS Firm to Work For and With". The "with" cannot be stressed enough when it comes to partners, which is why we are excited about receiving Esri's Federal Sm[...]

2016 Esri Developer Summit – Day One Recap

Published March 9, 2016 by Lori Page
Editor's Note: The following is a summary of notes from GISinc's developers at the Esri Developer Summit in Palm Springs. Be sure to stop by tomorrow for 2nd-day notes from the event. Ryan Taylor One of the more interesting sessions that I atte[...]

2016: A Tipping-Point for Technology in Commercial Real Estate? (Or Has It Already Tipped?)

Published February 2, 2016 by Charlie Blaesser
In his best-seller The Tipping Point, author Malcom Gladwell wrote, “The tipping point is that magic moment when an idea, trend, or social behavior crosses a threshold, tips, and spreads like wildfire.” Since the book was published in 2000[...]

Working With Web Appbuilder in Larger Teams – Part 2: Code Reuse and Dependency Management

Published August 14, 2015 by Lori Page
Overview In part 1, we outlined a basic workflow for adding custom functionality to a WAB application. One of the weaknesses of that process is the handling of dependencies; we assumed that our logic would either be included in the widget itself, or[...]

Working With Web Appbuilder in Larger Teams – Part 1: Basic Workflow

Published August 5, 2015 by Ian Firkin
Overview Esri’s Web AppBuilder (WAB) is a great tool for getting organizational data into the hands of users without a lot of overhead, and it can be extended when custom functionality is needed. For consultants working as part of a larger team, as[...]

Meet the GISi for Business Team – Esri UC 2015

Published July 14, 2015 by Dawn Siegel
Here at GISi our heart and soul is in our work to ‘Create Insight Through Location Technology”. As a company that serves many industries from Federal, State and Local Governments to Private businesses we pride ourselves in delivering outstanding [...]

10 “Somethings” for the 2015 Esri UC

Published July 7, 2015 by Colby Free
Here we go again! We are making our final preparations for this year’s Esri User Conference and there is a lot to look forward to. Personally speaking, it’s all about engaging with folks in person to share ideas, explore new technology, ask que[...]

What State and Local Governments Can Expect to See at the UC

Published July 1, 2015 by Kevin Stewart
In a few short weeks we will all be settling into the 2015 Esri International User Conference ready to hear all of the new updates from Jack Dangermond during the Monday morning plenary. With this being my 14th UC, I can still tell you I get excited [...]

4 Reasons Why ArcGIS® is Ideal for Imagery and Geospatial Intelligence

Published June 22, 2015 by Colby Free
Are you using Google Maps Engine (GME) to store vector and raster data? If so, you should be aware that your GME data will no longer be available after January 29, 2016. As you can imagine, this change at Google is opening the floodgates for many com[...]

Overcoming Manufacturing’s Challenges with Maps

Published May 28, 2015 by Ryan Schaefer
How much are great decisions worth at your company? Unsure of how to answer this question?  Then allow me to ask a slightly different question: How much do poor decisions rob your company of prosperity? The Manufacturing industry currently faces m[...]