Aerial Patrol Application

Aerial Patrol Application


The Aerial Patrol application offers quick, reliable, and accurate aerial patrol reporting for more efficient and informed business decisions. It facilitates better communication between pilots and ground crews, allowing for shorter response times after problems on the ground are detected.

Application Features and Benefits

  • Integrates existing work-order management systems.
  • Eliminates time-consuming post fight reporting by generating intuitive operational dashboards.
  • Facilitates better communication by automatically notifying people, based on their location relative to the pilot, through text message, email, or Twitter feed.
  • Large buttons and simple workflows built into the application make it easy for pilots to record information while it wirelessly links to cameras so pictures can easily be attached to the pilot’s records.
  • The application moves with the airplane and automatically collects its GPS coordinates.
  • Quick and efficient response to regulatory information inquiries.
  • Increases pilot safety.

We are ready to build a customized and modified Aerial Patrol Application to meet your organization’s changing business needs.