Executive Protection Application

Executive Protection Application


Protecting key employees when they are traveling on business is a serious concern for many organizations. When executives travel overseas, the potential safety risk increases. While no technology can predict with any level of accuracy when and where executives could find themselves in danger, geospatial technology can help to quickly respond to emergency scenarios. Our ExecuTracker application allows security personnel to easily communicate with employees through SMS. The user has the ability to initiate and classify distress messages whether it is a medical emergency, active shooter situation, crime/mugging, hostage/kidnap, or any other type of emergency. Spatially integrated support brings together multiple sources of information to provide situational awareness to individuals who need help. It provides law enforcement contacts based on location, shows the individual the nearest fellow employee, give directions to the nearest known safe area, or sends push notifications of changing conditions based on location, like weather, disaster event, or geo-political problems.

ExecuTracker can also automatically warn a traveling employee, and notify your security team, when they cross or approach a dangerous region. These zones are dynamically generated and customizable by you and work seamlessly with the app to create situational awareness.

A security team responsible for the individual has a dashboard to monitor their location and additional information, such as remaining battery life, SOS status, signal strength, and alerts when location-reporting time frames exceed pre-set maximums.

Application Offerings

  • Cutting-edge situational awareness for traveling executives
  • Better ability to gather information, notify, and respond to emergency situations
  • Increased safety for traveling executives and their families

The system is fully customizable depending on the needs of your organization. Think of it as providing support on a just-in-time and just-in-place basis. Reach out to us to learn more about how we can help you better protect your employees.