GISi SmartSite™ Health

GISi SmartSite™ Health


To better serve patient communities, hospitals and healthcare companies are looking to technology to help meet demand and changes in the communities they serve. GISinc SmartSite Health enables healthcare professionals to quickly analyze markets, people, and risk so they can target appropriate solutions and strategies while predicting performance and outcomes.

SmartSite-Devices-HealthGISinc SmartSite Health Capabilities

Data Enrichment – Visualize and analyze your data geographically alongside other national datasets in order to model and predict trends that are happening in an areas of interest to you. GISinc SmartSite Health’s real-time analysis enables you to quickly identify growth markets for a new clinics, hospitals, or mobile units.
Market Planning – GISinc SmartSite Health features a map displaying the risk of patient readmission, all based on criteria you can custom-define. This information can be printed out and handed off to individuals for in-home follow ups. GISinc SmartSite Health provides your field employees with information on-the-go while the system’s real-time feedback capabilities enable users to note potential risk of hospital reentry.
Influence Community Health – GISinc SmartSite Health can be used to provide your communities with information that empowers them to make more informed health-related decisions. Through an interactive search, you can direct GISinc SmartSite Health to locate all parents of children age 5-14 with asthma. The information returned from the system can then be used in a direct mail campaign intended to prevent Asthma-related deaths in the community.

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