GISi SmartSite™ Real Estate

GISi SmartSite™ Real Estate


In the U.S., located within the walls of millions of commercial real estate buildings, exists over 80 billion square feet of floor space. Every square foot represents a unique location, complete with its own location data, and representative market value. With the power of location technology, GISi SmartSite Real Estate helps commercial real estate professionals optimize the trading of these assets.

GISi SmartSite Real Estate consolidates dozens of location-centric reports that expose there is more to location than just an address. Our system helps increase productivity, optimize profits, evaluate markets, and automate tasks that result in time saved. The application can be used anywhere, on any device, and provides access to data, reports and analytics in real-time. Our system integrates with internal and 3rd party data sets, and utilizes Esri’s mapping platform at its core.



GISi SmartSite Real Estate Use Cases

Transactional Real Estate (Buyer,  Seller) – Transactional real estate usually involves negotiation. And with negotiation, the saying goes “time kills deals”. GISi SmartSite Real Estate helps users quickly, consistently and accurately evaluate potential transactions, flag and mitigate risk, and stay ahead of the competition. With our system you can analyze markets and opportunities, identify voids, build interactive site tours, collect and update data from the field, automate marketing materials and site packages, and manage your pipeline of deals.

Real Estate Management (Portfolio, Facility, Pipeline) – Owning commercial real estate requires a complex network of services and support. The various legal restrictions and conditions that exist, ongoing lease renewals and expiration, and facility management can be optimized, and the complexity lessoned with GISi SmartSite Real Estate. GISi SmartSite Real Estate provides a consolidated, authoritative location research platform where real estate managers and investors can evaluate properties in batch, flag potential legal conflicts receive alerts and notifications from the field and improve their decision making.

Real Estate Development (Shopping Center, Land, Redevelopment) – “If you build it, they will come” does not necessarily translate into a successful commercial real estate development. Instead, odds of a successful, profitable, development, with a low vacancy rate, are increased significantly with the right location research, and the right buyer. GISi SmartSite Real Estate gives real estate developers insight into market trends, void and saturation, demographic shifts and projections, and client market activity. Our system allows developers to build and present compelling data and information to their potential clients, allowing them to differentiate from the competitors.