GISi SmartSite™ Retail

GISi SmartSite™ Retail


GISi SmartSite Retail puts the power of location technology to work for your retail enterprise, delivering powerful analytics that support the needs of everyone in the retail life cycle. The solution consolidates dozens of location-centric reports that retailers use into a single research platform designed to help you improve performance, mitigate risk, and grow.

GISi SmartSite Retail can be used anywhere, on any device, and can easily be scaled and configured for organizations of different shapes and sizes. The system integrates with internal and 3rd party systems and data sets, utilizing Esri’s ArcGIS platform at its core.



GISi SmartSite Retail Use Cases

Retail (Destination, Convenience, E-Commerce) – GISi SmartSite Retail is a fit with every type of Retail. If you have customers, locations or assets in the field, GISi SmartSite Retail will help you manage and analyze your business like never before. Our system allows you to analyze your market share, identify competitor trends, score and forecast new store locations, analyze indoor customer activity, improve marketing, optimize store design, manage your real estate portfolio and pipeline, communicate in real time with your extended team and operators, and much more.

Restaurants (Full-Service, QSR, Fast Casual) – Strong competition and sizeable investments can create a small margin of error when opening and operating a restaurant location. GISi SmartSite Retail helps mitigate those risks and help ensure your existing restaurants are operating at full potential. Powerful analytics enable you to improve operational performance, optimize market position, decrease time-to-market, score and forecast new store locations, manage your real estate portfolio and pipeline, analyze customer loyalty, optimize staffing levels, and much more.

Franchising (Self-Service, Corporate) – As a corporate franchisor, building a successful and profitable network of franchisees is a complex process with several parts. Included in that process, is location research and network management. Because of legal constraints, often corporate franchisors compete with 3rd party brokers and consulting firms who are advising and recommending new locations for a specific franchisee. GISi SmartSite Retail is designed to eliminate that competition by delivering corporate value-added self-service location research and operational analytics to your franchise network. The system empowers franchisees to take advantage of the power of corporate-wide data and does so by staying within your legal limits. Franchisees can use GISi SmartSite Retail to study their markets, submit automated templates for new location requests and evaluate new locations. Corporate franchisors can automate multiple tasks, and build consistency within their various activities and communications with the franchisee network.