Site Selection

Site Selection


Real time analysis through patterns, relationships, and trends can allow you to quickly identify a growth market for placement of a new location for your organization. A GIS analyst will use location technology to explore and prepare your data for analysis – even if disparate or overwhelming. The analysis enables them to provide in-depth reporting displayed in an interactive map so that you’ve got the right information you need to make even better business decisions.

Site Selection Offerings

Predictive Modeling – Visualize your organization’s data geographically and complement your analysis with other national data sets to model and predict trends happening in specified areas.
Interactive Scorecard – Enables you to choose the best location, by utilizing scorecard analysis, to grade the various measurable factors any location provides.
Site Tour Automation – View imaging of site layout to gain insight into the kind of environment a new potential location will offer.

If you’re curious about how we can help you get answers to some of your tough business questions, our GIS experts can provide you with more information and recommendations for moving forward.