Esri Developer Summit

Esri Developer Summit

Esri Dev Summit Wrap-Up

Published April 4, 2013 by GISinc
By: Dan Levine Now that we have had the better part of a week to decompress from the Developer Summit and Partner Conference, I wanted to provide some final thoughts from our GISi team that attended. Even though I am more of a Jimmy Fallon fan, I wi[...]

Esri Developer Summit 2012 Insights: Day Three

Published April 2, 2012 by GISinc
Dan Levine Well another Dev Summit is in the Books. This conference still remains the best technical show that Esri does, and it gets better every year. I was a bit worried when it started. The plenary was a little bit lighter technically than it us[...]

Augmented Reality using ArcGIS and Layar

Published March 21, 2011 by GISinc
Check out Patrick Barnhart's presentation from the Developer Summit on ArcGIS and Layar:[...]

Esri Developer Summit: Day 4

Published March 11, 2011 by GISinc
Danny Bradshaw Alas, all good things must come to an end… but not without a few more great technical sessions and some parting words from Esri. The morning kicked off with Advanced development with Android.  While this session was heavier in cod[...]

Esri Developer Summit: Day 3

Published March 10, 2011 by GISinc
Dan Levine So Esri kicked off Wednesday announcing the winners of the Developer Challenges.  Frank Roberts won the Developer Challenge with what looks to be something like the Tri-View Tool that we have been deploying for a couple of years. Not sur[...]

GISi Dodgeball: “Gone in 30 Seconds”

Published March 10, 2011 by GISinc
TEAM “GONE IN 30 SECONDS” Represents With a bye in the first round and a solid win in the second the GISi Dodgeball Team made it to the final eight! You should have seen Melinda dance! The rules changed a little this year. Each match was best o[...]

Esri Developer Summit: Day 2

Published March 9, 2011 by GISinc
Danny Bradshaw Day 2, like most ESRI conferences, was the official start of the conference and included the customary plenary session.  Some of the noteworthy points: ArcExplorer Online being redesigned to get rid of the Microsoft-esque ribbon (a[...]

Esri Developer Summit: Day 1 (continued)

Published March 8, 2011 by GISinc
Dan Levine Another really interesting session was about the re-inventing of BA Online using a truly user-based approach. They basically took the process that Alan Cooper presented at the Dev Summit Keynote 2 years ago. First, understand the users, w[...]