Getting ESRI’s Default Vector Basemaps into the Basemap Gallery Widget

Published April 18, 2017 by Jeff Galang
Whether you agree with putting a basemap gallery widget into your web mapping application or not, it is one of the most common tasks web developers are asked to perform. At some point in developing spatial web applications you will likely be asked to[...]

Leap(Motion) Into ArcGIS

Published March 25, 2013 by GISinc
by: Christopher Bupp Esri is hosting a 100 Lines or Less ArcGIS JavaScript Code Challenge … and while that is a mouthful to say, the important word is: “Challenge.” My response of course is: “Accepted.” For the last few months I’ve been[...]

Developer’s Corner: HTML5 Mapping Evolution

Published November 9, 2012 by GISinc
By: Danny Bradshaw It’s upon us.  The re-invention of the web using a little known technology called HTML5.  Well maybe it’s not that obscure, but there’s no doubt it’s upon us.  As a GIS technology firm, the question is how can we levera[...]

Esri Developer Summit: Day 3

Published March 10, 2011 by GISinc
Dan Levine So Esri kicked off Wednesday announcing the winners of the Developer Challenges.  Frank Roberts won the Developer Challenge with what looks to be something like the Tri-View Tool that we have been deploying for a couple of years. Not sur[...]

Esri Developer Summit: Day 2

Published March 9, 2011 by GISinc
Danny Bradshaw Day 2, like most ESRI conferences, was the official start of the conference and included the customary plenary session.  Some of the noteworthy points: ArcExplorer Online being redesigned to get rid of the Microsoft-esque ribbon (a[...]

Esri Developer Summit: Day 1

Published March 8, 2011 by GISinc
We have 7 folks attending the Esri Developer Summit this year. We are going to use this forum to post our daily observations as a group in an effort to keep our technical staff informed of what we discover throughout the week. Many of us had an inte[...]

Rapid mobile application development with Android OS

Published July 14, 2010 by GISinc
Mobile application development has quickly become one of the hottest areas of software development.   In a relatively short amount of time the mobile device has become a significant medium for web browsing and online applications, with Apple’s iP[...]

Application Development for Mobile Web

Published July 12, 2010 by GISinc
As a recipient of the Spring 2010 GIS inc Research and Development award, I had the privilege to work on a solo project incorporating cutting edge technologies. During my brain storming process, I settled on probably the coolest segment of the develo[...]

Which ArcGIS Server API or ADF Should I Choose?

Published December 1, 2009 by GISinc
One of the most common questions I receive from clients lately is: “Which API should I use?”  Unfortunately it is not a simple answer; ESRI provides three APIs and two ADFs which include; JavaScript API, Flex API, Silverlight API and the .Net a[...]

ArcGIS Server Performance: Behind the Curtain

Published August 31, 2009 by GISinc
So I am sitting in the audience watching another ESRI Demo on how the 9.3.1 AGS technology is so much faster than the 9.2. A couple of thoughts hit me right away. First, well that is a pretty low bar to get over; we all have heard the complaints from[...]