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  1. Schuller Tom

    Patrick Barnhart, could you give more informations about the Print REST API and also about your open-source work concerning printing.
    I just finished a first version about a open-source PrintSOE:

    1. Pat B

      Hi Tom,

      The reference to the Print REST API came up briefly at the end of the Advanced Javascript API session, they showed that it supported vectors, text labeling, external wms layers – basically anything you could see in your map. I believe this functionality is being added to 10.1, which explains why information about it is hard to find. I don’t have any code examples but if it works the same way as the other APIs you could call it directly using a http request or through one of the other Web APIs (flex, silverlight, javascript). Their example, which I’m hoping will show up on the ESRI resources page along with the other demos from the summit, opened a separate window containing a ‘print friendly’ page. I know I’m being a little vague here but I really don’t have a lot of details.

      I’m currently working on something similar to what you’ve done (which looks very cool) but I’m using OpenLayers, Mapserver/Mapscript and a C#.NET WCF Service. So, I collect all the map layers from the OpenLayers map object and send it to the WCF Service and recreate each layer as a transparent image that is then placed into a PDF using iTextSharp. There’s a number of C# pdf generation libraries, I picked iTextSharp because it allows me to find named elements in an existing pdf that I could use as a template.

      So, looks like we’re all going down the same path here, which is not surprising, printing web maps seems to be lagging behind the rest of the technology. People still look at you like you’re crazy when you starting talking about printing large, high resolution maps from a web page. Another emerging option that I mentioned is using a Python GeoProcessing service (also accessible through REST) to do the same thing, I saw a demo of this and am hoping to get my hands on the code when it’s made available, it looked very promising – I can’t use it with my project since AGS isn’t part of the picture right now but maybe someday…


  2. .Net Follower

    I’ve had to implement the same (drag’n’drop functionality) for graphic object using ArcGIS JavaScript API, probably it will be useful for somebody. It’s shown in my blog here –

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