Cost Map for Water Utilities

Cost Map for Water Utilities

Cost Map Integrates RSMeans data with the ArcGIS Platform

GISinc’s new Cost Map for Water Utilities optimizes construction project resources and cost estimation using geospatial analytics for the first time ever! Cost Map is a web-based solution that integrates RSMeans data from Gordian API with the ArcGIS Platform from Esri. Cost Map provides a quick and reliable construction cost estimation process through hosted content, services and costing information.

•  Data is mapped to Esri’s Data Utility Model
•  Compare present vs future cost estimates to prioritize resource allocation
•  Validate project estimates and compare various vendor data
•  Access dependable, up-to-date and local construction cost data through RSMeans data API
•  Increase cost accuracy with regionalized construction labor rates

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“By more accurately visualizing infrastructure costs on a map we can optimize total project resources using geospatial analytics. Pricing out material, labor, and equipment used to be a laborious task; now Cost Map brings this into an efficient integrated best practice.” – David Totman, Industry Manager, Esri Global Water Practice, President-Elect, Utility Engineering & Surveying Institute, ASCE


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